• Gert. H. Mulder, managing director
  • Peter Verbaas, staff executive
  • Suzan van Kuppeveld, social, legal and market policy affairs
  • Wilma van den Oever, communications
  • Inge L. Ribbens, international affairs
  • Henk Molenaar, manager finance
  • Monique Meyer, secretary
  • Maryse Verheijen, secretary

Fruit and Vegetables Trade Association

Frugi Venta is established to contribute to the market position and profit potential of its 420 members. They represent 77% of the € 12,5 billion turnover in the wholesale sector of fresh fruits.

As part of our collective promotion of interest, we strive primarily for an unrestricted development of all bona fide market participants. Our day-to-day activities focus on the promotion of unrestricted import and export of fruit and vegetables and the constant improvement of the sector logistics. 

The core of the association is formed by the Commission and Committees which have been established by the Executive Board. The Executive Board is assisted by a Commission Import/Export Third Countries and six Committees.

The most important ‘products’ of Frugi Venta are, first of all, the collective promotion of interest with the aim of assuring the unobstructed development of free import, export and domestic wholesale trade, and secondly, the information provision and networking function. Our strength is that the Executive Board is assisted by the Committees that promote the interests of their sub-sectors in a focused and recognisable fashion. The discussions with our members in these Committees is the core of our association work. This forms our support structure for the standpoints which we will take on their behalf concerning many topics.



Frugi Venta Annual Report 2009

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